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2020 rd Quarter

Virginia Transportation Corporation provides top-quality equipment for our Auto Haulers. We launched the Pride In Your Ride contest for our Auto Haulers to earn an incentive along with personal recognition of being among the best we have in the company. Each quarter, our professional Auto Haulers with the cleanest, sleekest, proudest rigs are nominated by their peers for the Pride In Your Ride award. This elite group of Auto Haulers represents our Top Pride In Your Ride nominees. They are awarded an incentive bonus along with a truck care package to keep their equipment looking spotless. All quarterly winners will be entered into the grand yearly drawing for the chance to win the use of a customized Truck of the Year for their next assigned truck.

We at Virginia Transportation Corporation pride ourselves on having high-quality, professional employees that enjoy working with the best equipment available along with being employed with the finest auto transport company. This program is one that we are proud to be able to recognize our Auto Haulers who prove that Virginia Transportation Corporation is truly an auto haul company for Auto Haulers built by Auto Haulers.


2020 rd Quarter
Winner Photo

Claudio Miguel

Mid-West / Canada Region

Truck #104869

"Claudio does a great job keeping his truck clean, which can be quite a challenge in the great white north. He also does everything the right way, moving straps out of the way, lowering deck #2, etc. It’s clear to me that Claudio takes great pride in being a VTC auto hauler."

Winner Photo

Rafael Carratini

Northern Region

Truck #69069

"Rafael should win a Pride In Your Ride Award because he keeps this older truck in better shape and condition than some of the newer trucks. It is always immaculate inside and out. Pride in your ride is an understatement for him."

Winner Photo

Joe Mayo

Roadboard Ops

Truck #108669

"Joe spends every home time polishing and buffing and keeping his truck beautiful. He also always keeps track of his mileage for services so it not only looks good on the outside it’s always working properly from the inside out. But his comment to me in regards to having received his end of year bonus and using over half of it to continue to let his little piece of the company sparkle and shine up and down every roadway from FL to MI this past week made me certain he deserves it. He said, “I’m so grateful Leo was able to still provide a bonus after all that’s gone on this year, the least I can do to give back in my own way is to use a good portion of that to keep his equipment looking amazing.”"

Winner Photo

Martin 'Marty' Shaw

Mid-Atlantic Region

Truck #90169

"Marty deserves to win this award because he totally takes pride in his ride and his truck is always very clean. He made a family event of washing his truck which makes for super sweet bonding time."

Winner Photo

Jonathan Gonzalez

Southern Region

Truck #94269

"This man keeps his truck nice inside and outside. I have seen him get his truck dirty and pay to wash it himself when he has already used his allotted company washes for the month. I learned what it means to keep your truck clean looking at his."

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